To create a fun and safe environment where kids learn and encounter the presence of God.



The Nursery and LifeKids Church are offered during each of our worship experiences.

NURSERY:  6 weeks - Kindergarten 

LIFEKIDS CHURCH: 1st grade - 5th grade. 



It's an easy 3-step process.

1. Fill out the Family Information Card.

2. Check-in & get your sticker.

3. Volunteers will escort your child to their destination.



(Plan for 5-7 minutes of getting registered)


When you arrive at LifeSong you will proceed to the Check-In Counter in the back of the lobby. One of our volunteers will have you complete a Family Information Card. Your family's profile will be entered into our database. This enables us to print a name badge that has your child's name, age, ID number and special instructions.


This badge will be accompanied with a "parent sticker" that has your child's ID number. You will need to keep this sticker with you and present it when you pick up your child. This allows only you (or a designated  person) to pick your child up at the conclusion of service. If your child needs to be picked up early (because they are crying, etc), this same number will be displayed on the side screens in the Main Auditorium.


After you complete the Check-In process, one of the volunteers will usher your child to the nursery or direct you to the LifeKids church. There are screens available in the main lobby so you can check on your child to make sure they are having a great time!


When you child goes to LifeKids Church for their first visit, they will receive their "Orange LifeSong Balloon" and "VIP Pass". When they return for their second visit, they will receive their "LifeKids Core Values Poster".



Learning His Word

Giving to Others

Experiencing His Presence



1.  Love God

2. Love People 


3. Do Your Best

4. Have Fun


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